ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus Removal

What is ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus

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is ICE Cyber Crimes Center virus locking up your computer? What happens when a ransomware infects your computer system and asks for a certain amount to unblock your computer? Well, those who have witnessed viruses like ICE Cyber Crimes Center virus would know exactly. This particular virus is responsible for freezing a computer that it infects and then panicking the user so that he ends up paying the so-called ‘fine’.

This particular virus is responsible for the following:

  • It claims to be the ICE Cyber Crime Center and uses the logos and other images of this particular center itself. The flinching is done to ensure that the user is convinced that they have been tracked by the center. This is one of the reasons why people stop thinking the moment they see the logo and name of the department and immediately proceed to transfer of the ‘amount’ asked.
  • The next thing that this virus is going to do is freeze your computer’s screen and simply block your computer. You will not be able to access any part of block of your computer and you cannot move past desktop. No program or application will work, no matter how hard you try.
  • Since the virus is very tricky, it can get past firewall as well as antivirus software. It means that while you may have employed good antivirus software, it may not help you. Furthermore, firewall may be enabled, but you may not avoid this virus.
  • It will also block F8 and you would not be allowed to enter into command prompt. You may try hard to restore though this mode but it won’t work at all for you. In fact, you may not be allowed to connect to internet at all.
  • You may try restarting your computer but if the virus has infected your computer’s registry, then you will continue to face this problem no matter how many times you restart the PC. Within few seconds of reboot, your PC will show the same wallpaper again.
  • You may be shown fake scans and virus detection on your PC. If this is the case, then you will be offered a product that can help in removing those ‘fake’ viruses. In such a case, you will be asked to purchase that product but at the end, the only motive will be to shell out money from you in this way or other.
  • Otherwise, you may be asked to make a fine payment as you have broken laws of your country and that you need to pay the fine immediately. If you do not do so, then you will be prosecuted and may be imprisoned for the same.

When such situation comes, you mostly end up with wrong decisions and rush to do as asked rather than sitting for some time and thinking for a better solution. First of all, no official department works like this. Secondly, paying the so-called ‘fine’ may not help you either. It is because scammers almost never unlock the blocked computer and hence, at the end, the user loses money and yet does not gain access to his computer system.
So keep one thing in mind strictly. Do not pay even a penny if such a situation comes up. You should rather look for solutions to combat this virus or seek professional help from experts. Even if you are able to remove the virus successfully, you will need a thorough cleaning of your computer system because this virus always leaves junk on the computer system. Such remains can slow down the PC and may also attract other malware to your computer. Hence, scanning is properly and then cleaning it is essential.

In order to suffer lesser damage, you should follow the ways given below.

  1. If your PC is slow, get it checked. You can check out registry problems, programs that are causing your PC to slow down and scan your PC for any virus. Malware is known to lower the performance of computer systems. Hence, always know what your computer is doing and if there is anything wrong with it.
  2. Enable the firewalls, especially if you use internet. In case you have enabled it, check its security options. You should understand that keeping it to the lowest will not serve the purpose. So, keep it at an optimum level that does not hinder your working yet offer good protection.
  3. Update Java regularly. Older versions are not so safe as virus creators love to exploit these versions for bugs and possible breakthroughs. Updating regularly will help in patching up such bugs before they become doors to malware.
  4. Operating systems should be updated too. Keep updating newer files as and when they are prompted. Again, it helps in patching up the bugs in operating system.
  5. Antivirus software should be good and must offer real time scanning. It will help in ensuring that no malware enters your computer system. If anything malicious tries to attack your computer, then the scanner will notify you immediately. Update the antivirus software regularly and you should try to switch to a different antivirus scanner every few months.
  6. Furthermore, strictly avoid opening spam e-mails or those that are from unknown senders. People who know you would provide their names and other details. Unknown senders mostly send an e-mail to many people or may claim to be greetings from someone. Other than that, infected e-mails may be some sort of news item, bank, lottery and such. Whatever happens, do not open those e-mail sand do not try to click on the links or download any attachments from such e-mails.
  7. Always download required files and software from trusted sources, preferably official websites. Do not fall for pop-ups that claim to offer free antivirus software or such. Even if you are downloading any games online, refrain from opting for any free goodies or gifts, unless the said website is highly trusted.
  8. Do not forget to scan external devices before you transfer any data into them or copy from them. Only open the device after you have checked it through antivirus scanner.

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